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The Labour Party Presidential Candidate, Peter Obi, has expressed hope for Nigerians, saying that the country’s problems are not insurmountable but will not be solved overnight.

Obi disclosed this in the much talked interview on the American media corporation Cables News Network(CNN) on Friday with the anchor of Zain Exchange, Zain Asher.

“You have to reduce aggressively the cost of governance and deal with the issue of corruption,”

 The anchor, Asher, in an 8 minutes interview described the presidential hopeful as the most popular candidate among the young people asked, “Nigerians are used to being disappointed by their leaders, when you talk about some problems facing Nigeria right now, corruption, oil theft, insecurity, physical hope, can all the problems be solved by one person?

Obi responded quickly to issues around economy, security and other challenges, noted that the problems facing Nigeria are ones that can’t be solved overnight.

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In his words, Obi said, “If we have a leader that is competent, have the capacity, and commitment to deal with it, no one will solve it overnight. But there will be a clear, visible, measurable attempts to dealing with it. And they are things that are solvable. There are things they can be dealt decisively.”

He further stated that issue of insecurity will be dealt decisively in his government to resuscitate farming activities especially in the Northern Nigeria.

“One, is that you have to deal decisively with the issue of security because it is impacting negatively on the economy.

“You have to get the farmers to get back to the farms and you have to ensure that the vast lands of the North are invested and cultivated on; you have to start pulling people out of poverty as quickly as possible.

“You have to reduce aggressively the cost of governance and deal with the issue of corruption,” he said.

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