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Expert advocates for sex education in communities to check abuse

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Abuja-based consultant on sex education, Jessica Sampson, has recommended sex education as a panacea to stem high rate of child sexually abuse in communities.


Sampson told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) Sunday that sex education for children would serve as a high preventive measure against child sexual abuse.


“The challenge with sex education and societal mindset for children is that it fuses with negativity, shame and guilt which is more detrimental to the future of children.


“Rather than trigger a child with disturbing messaging, parents should be encouraged to teach them correctly and consciously.

“The concerns of relating sex as taboo has not reduced the rate of molestation and rape,” she said.

According to her, sex education could prevent crime and other nefarious activities round the subject matter as the world is recording more child sexual abuse, most especially in the rural communities.


She said the importance of proper sex education which was about body protection than pleasure, should be focused on boundaries, awareness and consequences on early sexual exposure.

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Sampson said it was important to know the appropriate age to teach the children sex education which was paramount for children as too much information can be risky.


“Unfortunately, the rural communities are at higher risk because no form of enlightenment or knowledge is passed down as they also get affected,” she added.

Sampson called on parents, schools and governments to work in partnership in teaching the right information to every child  as education was a basic fundamental human right.


She said that the kids should be empowered to understand certain topics in their developmental age than leave them curious and inquisitive.


Sampson advocated for parents to acquire proper knowledge on sex education for proper orientation.(NAN)






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