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President Biden is reportedly using “Celtic” as his Secret Service codename – the same call sign he used as vice president from 2008-2016. The name is a nod to Biden’s Irish ancestry.

First families receive Secret Service code names at the beginning of their presidential campaigns. Though the names are for security purposes and meant to be kept secret, they often become public through sources who leak them or from agents who are overheard at public events. The Secret Service provides round-the-clock security to the president and his family, a mission it began in 1901 after the assassination of President William McKinley, one of three sitting U.S. president who was assassinated.

President Donald Trump’s code name is Mogul, while former President Barack Obama’s code name was Renegade. Other presidential code names have included Lancer for John F. Kennedy, whose administration sought to create “Camelot,” Deacon for Jimmy Carter because he was devoted to his Christian faith, and Rawhide for Ronald Reagan, who appeared in Hollywood cowboy movies before he was president.

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As custom dictates, the rest of the family’s code names also begin with the same letter as the president’s. For example, Bill Clinton’s codename was Eagle, wife Hillary’s was Evergreen and daughter Chelsea’s was Energy.


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