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A confession of a teenager who was addicted to masturbation. He accused the mother of being responsible for his addiction to masturbation.

“I started masturbation when I was 4 years old; my mum has always been dressing up naked before me, I am used to seeing her nakedness. I am not moved to have sex with her, but I always long to see mature ladies naked just the way I always see my mum dressing up naked before me”.

“I still remember seeing her nakedness regularly till I was 8 years, and my dad do shout at her: ‘ Send this boy out before you dress ‘, but my mum would always reply by saying:
‘Will my son sleep with me? Stop planting evil thoughts in his heart’.

“Anytime I see my mum’s naked body, I long to see ladies’ naked bodies.
I then went into sex at age 10 and till now I am not free from sex, heavy pornography and masturbation,” the teenager confesses

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Many parents are guilty of this, dressing up or having sex before their 2 years old son/daughter thinking he/she doesn’t know anything. Daddy will wear boxers, sitting down and his thing is dangling and the daughter is seeing it. Mummy wearing pant and bra moving around the house in the presence of her son. They will not lust after you, but you will be damaging their sensuality thereby increasing their curiosity of seeing other ladies nakedness out there.

Raising up sexually pure children, begins at home; it begins with me and you.

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