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Indigenous culture especially amongst the young generation is fast getting eroded by the western way of life. Our moral-filled traditions are now phasing out. In the nooks and crannies of our mother continent Africa, many countries have made several efforts to preserve how their ancestors lived through inculcating in their future heirs, their cultural heritage.

The Marama cultural celebration day usually holds every 1st January. It is a bura/babur cultural day initiated by Marama town. The origin can be traced to the year 2011 when the members of the Marama Development Association Executives came up with the idea. It was supported and was sponsored by prominent members of the community who include Justice Ibrahim Auta retired, Hon. Harami Balami, Hon. Inuwa Bwala, and Professor Dili Dogo amongst others.

Being a cultural day, Marama day hosts variety of activities. There is a display of beautiful bura cultural artifacts like local grinding machines, water pots, bows and arrows, bura soups, bura foods, and other local crafts that are locally made. There is also a display of the ancient bansuwe and Waksha-Waksha dances. The event also features activities like presentation of awards, to people who have made positive contributions to the community, selling of books, donations, speeches and many other activities.

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The Marama day since its inception has helped in increasing the interest and knowledge of the younger generation in the Bura culture. This would go a long way in ensuring that they do not forget their root.

It has also generated revenue which has been used for community development. Added to this are the donations of boreholes, hospital, ambulances, change of Marama day secondary school into boarding school, cash donations and many more.

Moreover, the day has impact on the economy of Marama town as the influx of people to the town has increased patronage of locally produced goods like traditional materials, food, provisions and other goods and services.

The celebration has been aspired by many to grow and if continued with a focus on the original purpose would grow from height to height attracting tourist within and outside the country.

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